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Project Description

The primary goals of the BIOL 1406/1407 Course Redesign are to increase student learning and success while better preparing students for the challenges and responsibilities they will face in the workplace of the 21st century.

We plan to do this by creating a student-centered learning environment that makes significant use of information technology both inside and outside the classroom. In this environment, less emphasis is placed on presenting students with information, and more emphasis is placed on providing students with thoughtful, open-ended questions and assignments and encouraging them to work together to explore and find answers.

Our primary role is not to provide students with all the answers, but to help them develop the intellectual curiosity, confidence, motivation, and skills needed to solve problems and find answers for themselves. These skills include:
1. How to find and evaluate the information needed to complete assignments.

2. How to work effectively with others to complete assignments.

3. How to clearly communicate their ideas.

4. How to solve problems and apply existing knowledge to new situations.

5. How to make efficient use of technology resources.