Board Meeting

Board Retreat August 23-24, 2013

Call to Order

Items for Discussion/Possible Action

August 23, 2013

9083- College-Wide Improvements Briefing: Automated Substantive Changes, Civitas Degree Map [Dr. Enrique Solis, Mr. Stan Gunn, Dr. Kathleen Christensen]

9084-Trustee Policy Development: Disparity Study/Economic Availability Study [Dr. Jon Wainwright]

9085- Trustee Bond Training Refresher[ Mr. David Mendez]

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August 24, 2013

9086- Board of Trustees Self-Evaluation and 2014 Goals [Board of Trustees]

9087- Executive Session – Evaluation of President [Board of Trustees, Dr. Richard M. Rhodes]

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Executive Session

Consultation with legal counsel regarding the purchase, exchange, lease or value of real property pursuant to Government Code §551.072; pending or contemplated litigation or a settlement offer pursuant to Government Code §551.071; and/or relating to personnel matters pursuant to Government Code §551.074




The Board will announce it will go into Executive Session, if necessary pursuant to Chapter 551 of the Texas Government Code, to receive advice from Legal Counsel to discuss matters of land acquisition, litigation, and personnel matters as specifically listed on this agenda. The Board of Trustees may also announce it will go into Executive Session, if necessary, to receive advice from Legal Counsel regarding any item on this agenda.