Board of Trustees

Work Meeting

Agenda August 1st, 2016


Call to Order

Moment of Reflection and Pledges of Allegiance

Recognitions and Achievements, Retiree Recognition [Dr. Richard Rhodes]

Citizen's Communication

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Report from Associations

Adjunct Faculty Association [Mr. Mario Aguilar]

Classified Employees Association [Mr. Cameron Keel]

Full-Time Faculty Senate [Dr. Mariano Diaz-Miranda]

Association of Professional-Technical Employees [Dr. Melissa Biegert]

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President’s Administrative Report

[Dr. Richard Rhodes]

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Reports from the Board Officers

[Dr. Victor Villarreal & Mr. Allen Kaplan & Dr. Barbara Mink]

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Reports to the Board

Financial Report –May 2016 [Mr. Neil Vicker]

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Consent Items

9437 Consideration for Acceptance of Trustee Resignation [Dr. Molly Beth Malcolm]

9438 Order Calling the November 2016 General and Special Election [Dr. Molly Beth Malcolm]

9439 Ratify CAC Appointees [Dr. Molly Beth Malcolm]

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Discussion and Possible Action:

9440 Proposed 2016 Property Tax Rate, and Scheduling of Two Public Hearings for Proposed 2016 Property Tax Rate [Mr. Neil Vickers]

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9441 Approval of Interlocal Agreement with City of Austin for Internship Program with Center for Public Policy and Politcal Studies [Dr. Molly Beth Malcolml]

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Board Member Closing Comments

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