Board Meeting

Regular Board Meeting Agenda January 19, 2018


Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance


Discussion/Possible Action

9588 Resolution Authorizing the Conveyance of the Land Related to Certain Educational Facilities and the Execution and Delivery of a Lease Agreement and Documents Related to the Lease With an Option to Purchase Certain Educational Facilities From the Austin Community College District Public Facility Corporation; Consenting to the Execution and Delivery by the Corporation of a Mortgage, a Special Warranty Deed, a Security Agreement, a Trust Indenture and Bond Purchase Agreements and the Delivery of Bonds Pursuant Thereto; Approving the Distribution of an Official Statement Pertaining to the Corporation's Bonds; and Containing Provisions Necessary and Incidental to the Purposes Hereof [Mr. Neil Vickers, Mr. David Méndez]

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