Board of Trustees

Regular Meeting

Agenda February 3, 2020


Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance

Recognition and Achievements

Presentation on Career Scholars Program, in Partnership with Michael and Susan Dell Foundation [Dr. Shasta Buchanan, Mr. Garrett Groves]

Student Scholarship Recognition [Mr. Curtiss Stevens]

Retiree Recognition [Dr. Richard Rhodes]

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Citizen's Communication

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Reports from Associations

Adjunct Faculty Association [Ms. Christina Michura]

Classified Employees Association [Ms. Jo Larkins-Foster]

Full-Time Faculty Senate [Dr. Missi Patterson]

Association of Professional-Technical Employees [Ms. Latisha Addison]

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President’s Remarks

[Dr. Richard Rhodes]

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Approval of Minutes

9840 Minutes of the December 2, 2019 Regular Meeting of the ACC Board of Trustees

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Consent Items

9850 Authorize the Negotiation and Execution of a Contract for the Austin Community College (ACC) the Northridge (NRG) Campus Fume Hood and Fan Replacement Renovation Project (Goal 4) [Mr. Neil Vickers]

9851 Interlocal Agreement with City of Austin re: Waiver of Facility Use Fees for ACC to Offer Classes at the Asian American Resource Center (Goal 1-2) [Dr. Molly Beth Malcolm]

9852 Interlocal Agreement with City of Austin re: Installation, Repair, and Maintenance of Police Radios (Goal 4) [Dr. Molly Beth Malcolm]

9853 Approve the Dedication of Public Right of Way and a Public Utility Easement for Road and Utility Construction at the San Gabriel Campus (Goal 4) [Mr. Neil Vickers]

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Student Success Reports to the Board

Student Success Report/Video: Developmental Math at ACC [Dr. Charles Cook, Ms. Carolynn Reed]

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Reports to the Board

Report on Creation of the ACC Academic Master Plan, 2020-2025 (Goal 1-3) [Dr. Charles Cook]

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Discussion/Possible Action

9854 2020 Federal Legislative Priorities: H.R. 141, Social Security Fairness Act (Goal 4) [Dr. Molly Beth Malcolm, Mr. Neil Vickers]

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9855 Approval of Proposed Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in VocationalNursing (Goal 3) [Mr. Mike Midgley]

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Board Members Closing Comments

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