Board of Trustees

Work Session

Agenda November 18, 2019


Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance

Citizen’s Communication for Items on This Agenda

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Reports to the Board

ACC Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) Report – Dr. Molly Beth Malcolm

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Discussion/Possible Action

9832 Overview of District-Wide Campus Master Planning Process [Dr. Richard Rhodes, Mr. Neil Vickers, Pfluger Architects]

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9831 Authorize the Execution of a Contract by the Austin Community College District (ACC) for Commercial Property Insurance [Mr. Neil Vickers, Dr. Molly Beth Malcolm, Mr. Adam Green]

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Approval of Minutes

9829 Minutes of the August 22, 2019 Board Retreat; the August 23, 2019 Board Retreat; the August 24, 2019 Board Retreat; the October 7, 2019 Regular Meeting; and the November 4, 2019 Regular Meeting of the Austin Community College Board of Trustees

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Citizen’s Communication for Items Not on This Agenda

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Discussion/Possible Action (Continued)

9830 Strategic Conversations on Goals held at the Board Retreat [Trustees]

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Reports to the Board (Continued)

Partnerships to Pathways [Mr. Garrett Groves]

ACC Progress Report Austin Chamber [Mr. Garrett Groves]

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Board Members Closing Comments

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