Board Meeting

Board Retreat Meeting Agenda Ju1y 23, 2020


Call to Order

Citizen's Communication

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Discussion/Possible Action

• ACC Strategic Plan with Facilities (Campus Usage and Reorganizations/Repurpose/Workforce/Alignment Campuses) COVID-19 Update

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9894 Board Diagram Discussion [Trustees]

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• Board of Trustees Booklet – Discussion (onboarding/information, procedures, responsibilities) [Trustees]

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• Presentation on Equity and Inclusion [Mr. Khayree Williams]

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• Equity and Inclusion as Goal 5 [Trustees]

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• Regionalization as Goal 6 [Trustees]

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• Presentation, “A Conversation with AACC CEO/President on the status of Community Colleges During COVID-19 Pandemic and Best Practices of Community College Boards of Trustees” [Dr. Walter Bumphus]

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Recap/Closing Comments

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