Secure Online Testing


What is Respondus™?

Respondus is a software tool to develop and manage exams and is available free to ACC faculty for both your office and home computer.

Respondus also enables instructors to upload exams into Blackboard without having to retype those questions in Blackboard. Then, in Blackboard make the exam secure using the Blackboard Respondus LockDown Browser tool.

New for students! Taking a Secure Test in the ACC Testing Centers. (Download the transcript) download PDF

Lockdown browser

Faculty need to know that:

  1. The creation of exams via Respondus is usually faster and easier than creating assessments in Blackboard™.
  2. Exams may be created in a text editor or Word and imported into Respondus.
  3. Thousands of publisher test banks are compatible with Respondus and can be accessed if the textbook has been adopted for the course.
  4. Exams may be uploaded to Blackboard and delivered as an online exam either non-secure or secure using the Respondus LockDown Browser in the Testing Centers
  5. Exams may be printed from Respondus.
  6. Exams and reports may be downloaded from Blackboard.

Preparing Computer-Based English Departmental Exams

Secure, computer-based English departmental exams are now available in the ACC Testing Centers. These tests are only delivered via Blackboard. Therefore, in order to make this option available to your students, you must have a Bb course.

Download the step by step process for preparing computer-based English departmental exams (PDF).

Need support?

Contact the Instructional Designer on your campus. Contact ACC Technical Support at 223-4357, or email Respondus Support.

For student help accessing or taking a secure, computer-based test within Blackboard, students need to notify a Testing Center staff member, and if the problem could not be resolved, students need to contact their instructor.