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How to Take a Secure Computer Based Test within Blackboard

All secure computer tests are administered in an ACC Testing Center.

Students taking secure computer based tests need to familiarize themselves with the Testing Center guidelines and procedures.

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  1. Check-in with Testing Center personnel
    1. Check-in with Testing Center personnel. ACC photo id is required. Inform a Testing Center staff member that you are taking a secure, computer based exam within Blackboard.
    2. After check-in, you will be directed to a Testing Center PC.
    3. Most campuses will give you a "Secure Online Testing Blackboard" guide.
  2. Login to Blackboard
    1. Double-click on the LockDown Browser icon (top-left of your computer screen) on the desktop.
    2. The Blackboard login (home) screen displays.
    3. Enter your ACCeID and your ACCeID password and then select "Login." If you do not know your ACCeID username and password contact the HelpDesk 223-HELP prior to coming to the Testing Center.
  3. Locate your exam
    1. Click on the appropriate Blackboard course link.
    2. Your Blackboard course home page opens.
    3. From the Bb menu on the left of the screen, select the content area folder containing your exam (i.e. Exams, Assignments, etc.)
    4. Within the content area, select the appropriate link for the exam you are taking. Click on the title of the secure computer-based exam. (Note: The exam title will generally contain the words Requires a LockDown Browser attached to the title of the exam).
  4. Open your exam
    1. A new window opens. Note: If the window is not full-screen, it is recommended that you enlarge the window for better viewing (i.e. Click on the maximize button on the top right.)
    2. Click OK to the instruction Click OK to login to exam on the Begin Exam screen.
    3. A small pop up window opens. Unlesss your instructor gave you a specific password for the exam, click NO to the question Did your instructor provide a password for accessing the exam? Otherwise, you will be required to enter a password.
    4. Select Continue.
    5. The popup window closes and a system-generated password is then automatically populated in the password box.
    7. Click Submit to initiate your exam.
  5. Complete your exam
    1. Do not use the scroll wheel on the mouse.
    2. There is NO need to select Save for each question.
    3. Save your work every 10 to 15 minutes.
    4. To submit your exam to the instructor's Blackboard grade center, you must click Submit at the bottom of the exam. Save and submit are not the same.
  6. Submit your exam
    1. Upon submission of your exam, a popup screen displays Confirm Assessment Submission. Click the OK button.
    2. The Assessment Submitted webpage displays. Click the OK button to continue.
    3. The exam results display on the Review Assessment webpage.
  7. Exit your exam and Blackboard
    1. Click the OK button to exit the exam.
    2. A message displays, "The webpage you are viewing is trying to close the window. Do you want to close this window?" Click the Yes button.
    3. Click the Logout icon at the top to logout of Blackboard.
    4. Click the X on the top-right to close Blackboard and the browser.
    5. Are you sure you want to exit? displays. Click the "Yes" button.

Once an exam has been submitted, the results are automatically posted to the instructor's Gradebook within Blackboard. Essay exams and short answer questions require follow up grading by the instructor before a grade can be issued.

Students need to check with their instructors to get their assessment results. Instructors are the only ones with access to exam results. The Testing Center staff DOES NOT HAVE ACCESS TO EXAM RESULTS.

Need Student Support?

For help contact your instructor or notify the Testing Center staff member of the problem or issue.