Respondus Desktop Application
Blackboard Respondus LockDown Browser Tool

Learn how to easily create and import exams into Blackboard and make exams secure for testing in the ACC Testing Centers.

After completing this workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Differentiate between the Respondus desktop application and the Blackboard Respondus LockDown Browser tool. Respondus desktop application will be used to complete steps 2-6 and the Blackboard Respondus LockDown Browser tool will be used to apply the secure setting.
  2. Create a correctly formatted exam according to Respondus desktop application requirements.
  3. Import an exam into the Respondus desktop application.
  4. Apply settings to an imported exam.
  5. Establish a connection between the Respondus desktop application and Blackboard.
  6. Publish an exam to Blackboard.
  7. Set the exam to secure, "Required Respondus LockDown Browser," using the Respondus LockDown browser tool in Blackboard.
Directions: Click "Print all" to print the full text of the workshop. Send an email to to create your instructor account in the workshop Blackboard course site. View the videoclip demonstration for each topic. Click the play button to view the video on each of the following webpages. Play buttonThen, work through the step-by-step directions. To receive professional development credit, register for the workshop in the ACC workshop database. To successfully complete the workshop use the Respondus Desktop application to create and upload an exam (i.e. at least 2 questions) to Blackboard and then use the Blackboard Lockdown Browser tool to make the exam secure. Send an email to with the name of your exam and a request to view your secure exam in Blackboard to receive professional development credit.