Online Testing Respondus™

Get Started: Request Respondus for Campus or Off-Campus

Installation Instructions

Complete the online form to request Respondus software.

After you submit the form, the system administrator will give you permission to access the installation file. You will be notified via your email. The email will contain required information such as the installation password and a link to these instructions. You must be connected to the ACC network.

After you receive the email from the system administrator, complete the following steps:

  1. Click the Start icon Start button in task bar on the left-side of the taskbar along the bottom of your computer screen.
  2. In the "Search programs and files" text box type: \\irtgroups\RespondusAuthor. \\irtgroups\RespondusAuthor.
  3. A login dialog box appears. Use the User ID and login password (not the installation password) in the text boxes provided.
  4. Double click on the Respondus4Campus.exe file to launch the Install shield wizard. If you see a login window, input your ACCeID username and password.
  5. Follow the prompts which display during the installation process. (It is recommended to use the default directories already established by Respondus).
  6. Select the "I accept" option.
  7. Proceed through the setup screens by selecting Next.
  8. When window displays asking if you want to install the Equation Editor. Select No.
  9. Click the Finish button.

Launch the Software

Double-click on the Respondus4 Campus-Wide icon on your computer desktop.

  1. For the Institution Name type: Austin Community College.
  2. In the Support Contact box, type: System Administrator.
  3. Copy and paste the Installation password sent to you by the system administrator.
  4. Select License.
  5. Select Blackboard 7.x-9.x in the Personality dialog box pull down menu.
  6. Click X to close the Respondus Newsletter request screen.
  7. The Respondus Authoring Tool will launch with the Blackboard 7.x-9.x personality information already displayed on the main interface page.

After you have installed the Respondus Authoring Tool on your computer, you are ready to create an exam, download an exam from your Blackboard course(s), or print an exam.

Installation on Home Computer

Contact Peg Raiford,, 512-223-9187 for assistance with installation on a home computer.

Respondus™ Updates

Annual License Update of Respondus Software

ACC is required to update the license key on an annual basis on July 31st.

Each instructor who is registered to use the Respondus Authoring Tool, will automatically receive an updated license key via email.

Repondus Authoring Tool Software Updates

It is important to ensure that you have the latest version and most recent updates for the Respondus Authoring Tool. To ensure you have the most recent version of Respondus, do the following:

  • Open the Respondus Authoring tool
  • Select the Check For Update option from the Help pull down menu
  • Make sure that the most recent Blackboard version is displayed in the Current Personality pull down menu on the Respondus Authoring Tool's main page

Need support?

Contact the Instructional Designer on your campus.
Contact ACC Technical Support at 512-223-4357, or email Respondus Support.