BIOL 1406 is a 4-credit, freshman-level course in cellular and molecular biology, with both lecture and lab components.  It is designed for science majors and pre-professional students who require a rigorous and quantitative biology course that will provide an adequate foundation for taking more advanced courses in biology and related sciences.

The primary goal of our redesign was to improve student learning and success by using technology to facilitate and encourage active, student-centered learning. We wanted students to spend less class time passively listening to an instructor present information and more time actively engaged in finding and evaluating information, asking questions, participating in discussions, drawing conclusions, solving problems, predicting outcomes, and interpreting results.

In order to prepare students for active learning and problem-solving in the classroom, we created an extensive collection of online activities for students to complete before class. Thus our redesign focused on 2 mutually interdependent areas: better student preparation before class and active, student-centered learning during class.

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