Multimedia Activities for BIOL 1406

A. Lecture Activities

1. The Scientific Method
2. Carbohydrates
3. Lipids
4. Proteins
5. Nucleotide-based Compounds

B. Lab Manual Videos

Safety Video in YouTube
1.7: Use of the Micropipettor
2.2: Use of the Spectrophotometer
3.3: Use of the pH meter
3.9: The Compound Microscope
7.2: Thin Layer Chromatography
8c.1: SDS - PAGE Gel Preparation
9a.3: Preparation of the Agarose Gel

C. Lab Manual Animations

1.7: Micropipettors
2.2: Using a Spectrophotometer
2.6: Preparing Solutions
3.1: Water and Dissociation
3.5: Acids, Bases, and Buffers
3.7: Titration of a Buffer
3.8: Microscope Parts
4.3: Cell Structure
5.2: Diffusion
5.3: Dialysis and Osmosis
6.1: Enzymes
7.1: Principles of Chromatography
7.3: TLC and Rf Values
8a.2: Size-Exclusion Chromatography
8c.1: Electrophoresis
9a.2: Restriction Digests and Ligations

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