Preparation Before Class

Students use Blackboard course management software to access and complete a wide variety of pre-class learning activities for both lecture and lab.

LECTURE - the lecture material has been divided into approximately 20 modules. Each module begins with a pre-lecture preparation section which students must complete before class. The pre-lecture preparation section includes:

1. A list of specific learning objectives

2. A textbook reading assignment

3. Links to media, interactive activities, and Web sites that support the reading

4. An online, low-stakes, interactive quiz

LAB - the lab consist of 14 traditional "hands-on" experiments that are carried out in a fully equipped lab classroom. For each experiment, students must complete an interactive, multimedia pre-lab before class. The pre-labs include:

1. Text

2. Still images (diagrams and photos)

3. Narrated videos

4. Interactive animations and review questions

5. Low-stakes, interactive quizzes

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